Humidity Calibrator

Rh generator

De Fensor HG-101 is een relatieve vochtheid generator ( Humidity Calibrator ) voor het kalibreren van RH sensoren op locatie of in een kalibratie Lab. De kalibrator is super snel op de gewenste waarde dankzij het gepatendeerde RDSa (Rotary Dilution System). Response tijd is 60 seconde typical 20 tot 80% RH. Hoge stabiliteit beter dan 0,2% RH. De Control stability is ≤ 0.2 %rh. Standaard geschikt voor 7 sensoren. Met de optie HG-101-CH127 kunnen o.a. dataloggers en transmitters op eenvoudige manier worden gekalibreerd hetgeen vele malen sneller gaat dan kalibratie in een klimaatkast.

HG-101-USB-SET 7 - Relative humidity generator 5-95%, high stability, portable,
set including CH7 test chamber for 7 probes carrying case and accessories

Operating range: 5 ... 95% RH and up to 50 ° C
. Test volume for calibration of cylindrical probes, any diameter <24mm
. Simple operation, fast regulation, high humidity stability and homogeneity °C
. Windows / Android / LabVIEW control via USB port
. Response time and high stability thanks to the patented RDSa dilution
. Simultaneous calibrations up to 7 probes
. Interchangeable and modular test chambers
. Mobility, compact size and available battery power
. Designed to receive a MBW 473 cooled mirror hygrometer
. Quiet operation
. Very low cost of operation, maintenance-free
. Possibility of programming automated sequences (values, levels, ramps)

Control range: 5 to 95% (or 2…98 %rh accepting a longer response time)
Response time: 60 seconds for typical 20 to 80% RH
Stability of the humidity set point : ⩽ 0.1 %rh
Temperature homogeneity in the test chamber: ⩽ 0.10 ° C
Temperature operating condition: 5…50 ° C
Technology: RDSa (Rotary Dilution System) patented
Display: LED high contrast, height 16mm
Number of ports (sensor inputs): 7; (1) & M36x1,5 and (6) M24x1
USB interface for power supply or control via PC or smartphone
Set point: manually or automatically, front panel or remote via the USB
Power supply: 5VDC 60mA via USB (provided AC adapter 100-220VAC)
Consumption: 0.3 W
AC adapter included: 100 ... 240VAC output 5V 300mA USB
Dimensions: 300 x 155 x 100 mm
Weight: 4,9 kg
Included :
- 8 adapters 1xø10mm; 2xø10mm; 2xø12mm; 2xø15mm; 2xø18.5mm;
- USB power supply + USB cable + micro USB OTG cable for smartphones

- 250mg vial of silica gel; bottle 250ml distilled water (empty); used silica
recovery container; funnel ; tool
- Windows and Android software
- manual instruction in English
- carrying case


Fensor Humidity Calibrator

HG-101-CH127 - CH127 data loggers extension test chamber for humidity
calibrator HG-101, ø127mm port and 6 ports for probes
Test volume dedicated for calibration of:
. Dataloggers
. Wall transmitters
. Cylindrical probes
1 access ø127mm
1 port M36x1,5 for cooled mirror hygrometer fitting
6 ports M24x1
Included: 8 adapters
. 1 transparent door ø127mm, allows reading the instruments displays
. 1xø10mm
. 2xø12mm
. 2xø15mm
. 1xø18.5mm
. 1x conversion M36-M24
Dimensions : 300 x 150 x 100 mm