Techne Tecal 140FR

De Tecal 140FR is een draagbare temperatuurkalibrator voor het genereren van temperatuur tussen -20 en + 140°C.


Temperature range 45°C below ambient to 140°C (typically -20°C in an ambient of 25°C)
Display Accuracy ±0.2°C
Temperature Uniformity ±0.2°C
Temperature Stability ±0.05°C ( after 10 mins)
Display resolution 0.01°C or 0.1 °F
Display units Optional °C or °F
PC Interface RS-232 option
Heating rate 20°C to 100°C 5 minutes
Cooling rate 100°C to 0°C 9 minutes
Large well Diameter 38mm x 135mm deep lnserts
Fan Cooling Automatic
Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 273 x 207 x 289
Weight 11 kg
Power (W) 400