Time Electronics 1090 draagbare proces kalibrator

Artikel Nr.: 1090

The 1090 is a precision portable process calibrator that combines source and measurement functions for thermocouples, PT100s, µV, mV & mA.
As a multifunction instrument the 1090 combines accuracy and durability with simple operation, making it ideal for process plant applications.

Thermocouple Measurement and Simulation
Measure and simulate the temperature and mV characteristics of J, K, T, R, S, B, N and E thermocouples.

Cold Junction Compensation
The unit can be operated with or without internal cold junction compensation. 

PT100 Measurement and Simulation
Based on 0.3850 alpha probe standard. Range is -200°C to 700°C.

Measurement and Source (µV, mV, and mA)
Measurement ranges are 0 to +/-30mV and 0 to +/-60mA. Source ranges are 0 to +/-80mV and 0 to +80mA.

Temperature Units Selection
The display can be easily changed from °C to °F. The equivalent uV (thermocouples) and ohms (PT100) can also be shown. 

24V Process Loop Drive Mode
A process loop can be driven at 24V and up to 60mA by selecting the ‘Milliamp Source’ mode and setting it at 60mA (or a lower level if required).

Inching (Incrementing/Decrementing)
The unit has a general-purpose inching function. This adjusts the output in fixed increments of temperature (thermocouples only) or voltage or current. The set-up menu gives a the user a choice of three levels of increment i.e. 0.1, 1 or 10 for °C/°F, or 1, 10, or 100 uV/uA for voltage/current. The lowest of these represents the highest setting resolution and provides the most precise control of the output.  This is especially useful for calibrating thermostat controllers that have tight specification on hysteresis.

Memory Recall and Step/Auto-Step Functions
Up to 10 values can be stored in the unit’s non-volatile memory and they can be recalled at any time. The user can also manually step through them in sequence using the step key. Continuous stepping (auto-step) is also available at any user selectable rate between 1 & 10 seconds/step.

Power is via an internal high capacity rechargeable metal hydride battery that can be recharged from the supplied external mains charger. An auto power-down feature helps conserve battery life by switching off the instrument if inactive for over 5 minutes. This feature can be disabled if not required. The unit is supplied in a robust case with a carrying strap. A pocket for the instruction manual is provided.